Transformative Education

I have earned three degrees in higher education: the first at a Christian liberal arts college (Wheaton College), the second at a public research university (Missouri School of Journalism), and the third at a secular liberal arts college (St. John’s College). The Graduate Institute of St. John’s College (Annapolis, MD; Santa Fe, NM) was – by leaps and bounds – the most transformative educational experience, owing to its mission below:

The primary aim of St. John’s classes is not scholarly mastery, but enhanced thoughtfulness. Through sustained engagement with the works of great thinkers, and through the give and take of discussion with peers, students cultivate habits of mind that will last a lifetime: a deepened capacity for reflective thought, an ability to transcend the limits of their own horizons, an appreciation of the persisting questions of human existence, an abiding respect for the value of serious conversation, and a lasting love of inquiry.

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3 thoughts on “Transformative Education

  1. did you see the article “how to save the Christian college” in Christianity Today’s March issue? it talks about the differences between these kinds of institutions. I would say however, that for most people seeking professional employment, becoming educated in liberal arts is not the key to a family supporting income. many millennial’s are struggling with this reality right now – having taken “soul expanding” degrees, they have found profitable professions elusive. At least much more so than their contemporaries who studied computer science, engineering and even education or nursing.

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